I am a guitar player, composer and teacher based in Parma, Italy.

I began playing instruments in my early teens; I played briefly bass and drums before choosing the guitar as my main instrument. To this day I am deeply interested in all stringed instruments, especially guitars of course.

My passion for writing music and recording showed early, and after attending a sound engineering course at Fonoprint, one of Italy’s main recording studios, I graduated at one Italian music school then attended the National Guitar Workshop in Connecticut U.S.A., where I attended classes with guitarists Harry Jacobson and Chris Amelar.

Some of my early instrumental tracks were reviewed on Guitar World, in Mike Varney’s Hometown Heroes column. Joe Satriani was on the cover of that issue (fun fact).

I did studio work for some local artists writing songs, working on arrangements and recording acoustic and electric guitars.

Beside my music projects I wrote for some Italian guitar mags, getting to interview many great guitarists like John Petrucci, Marty Friedman and Adrian Belew and Stef Burns and was the interpreter to many masterclasses in Italy, including those with Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Jennifer Batten, Adrian Belew, Paul Gilbert, Rocco Prestia, David Garibaldi, Mike Campese and Albert Lee. I also translated several music books from English.

I have so far independently released several instrumental albums and wrote soundtracks for short movies and feature films screened nationwide, all recorded in my home studio. Find them here or on Youtube or Soundcloud. Please subscribe!

After teaching for many years in several schools in northern Italy I am now the director of a music school in my hometown where I help students unlock their creativity and achieve their musical goals. 

My lifelong resolution is to play more guitar.

Feel free to contact me to comment, make suggestions or just say hello, or if you want me to collaborate on your music.


  • Nomination for David Di Donatello Italian movie prize, 2010
  • Nomination for Ciak D’Oro Italian movie prize, 2010
  • Premio Harlock at Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2014 (Le Combat De Boxe)
  • Finalist at Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2016 (Les Aventures Du Baron Du Crac)